In astrology a sign of the zodiac refers to one of the twelve specific constellations of the zodiac that the sun passes through.  A person's particular sign of the Zodiac is the one that the sun was in when they were born.  All twelve zodiac signs are available opaque white jars with your choice of fragrance and choice of rose gold or chrome labelling & lids.


All Tommy J candles are produced using 100% premium soy wax.  No additives or paraffin are used to produce Tommy J candles.  Many candle makers use paraffin and acid to assist with creamy tops, scent throw and other candle making challenges.


At Tommy J we simply use the maximum combination of soy wax v frangrance oil.  There is no such thing as a 'triple scented' soy candle.  Soy wax can only hold a certain percentage of fragrance oil.   At Tommy J we have done hours of testing to find the perfect balance to produce maximum scent throw.


Our secret method of adding frangrance oils at a certain temperature and pouring our candles at a certain temperature, maximises all Tommy J candle's scent throw.  After all, it's all about the candle scent throw.


Please read 'Candle Care' instructions supplied with each Tommy J candle .



Zodiac (63hr+burn time)