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Vegas Diffuser - 200ml

Diffusers are a safe way to add fragrance without flames, plugs or batteries. Fibre sticks draw fragrance oils from the vessel, then disburse fragrance into the air via fibre sticks.  Diffusers will provide 8 months+ of aromatic scent throw.  Diffusers are perfect for adding fragrance to your home or office 24/7.  For a stronger scent throw, turn sticks upside down every week to maximise scent throw.

Vegas Diffuser

  • Vegas Diffuser

    Holds: 200mls of solution

    Diffuser Time: 8 months+

    Tommy J uses premium diffuser base.  There are several variants on the market.  Our base provides superior scent compared to cheaper variants on the market.

    Do not drink Diffuser solution.  If swallowed seek medical advice straight away.  Be careful not to spill solution to avoid damaging furniture or bench tops.

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