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A personalized Tommy J Memorial candle can help the memory of a loved one continue to live on after their passing by keeping their spirit alive through the flickering flame. Each day lighting a personalized memorial candle can help bring some comfort and peace after losing a loved one, reminding us of the light they brought to our lives.

At Tommy J, we are committed to using only the finest soy wax, ensuring that our candles are of the highest quality and free from paraffin and other additives.

We utilize a meticulous approach to combine soy wax and fragrance oil for optimal results. There is no such thing as a 'triple scented' soy candle, as soy wax can only accommodate a limited percentage of fragrance oil. Our extensive testing has enabled us to perfect the balance between soy wax and fragrance oil, ensuring maximum scent throw in all Tommy J candles.

Please read 'Candle Care' instructions provided with every Tommy J candle .


Memorial - 63hr+ burn time

  • Extra Large Size Candle - 63hr+ burn time

    Wax Quantity - Minimum  395 gram

    Wax Type - Soy

    Product Description

    Tommy J glassware is premium quality.  All candles come with lids.  Tommy J candles come gift boxed (excluding bundle packs). 


    Please read full candle care instructions supplied with every candle sold.  Never leave a lit candle burning near children or animals.  Never leave a lit candle unattended.  Trim your wicks after each burn.  Always be mindful of the surface you will be placing your candle on to burn.  Heat from a candle could damage furniture tops, benches.  Never  leave a candle near an open window or fan near curtains.

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