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The Tommy J 'Melbourne' range features premium transparent white glass jars with either Rose Gold or Chrome labelling/lids. The Melbourne range is elegant in design and comes in Large (48hr+ burn time) and Extra Large  (63hr+ burn time) size candles.  All Tommy J candles come gift boxed.  


All Tommy J candles are produced using 100% premium soy wax.  No additives or paraffin are used to produce Tommy J candles.  Many candle makers use paraffin and acid to assist with creamy tops, scent throw and other candle making challenges.  At Tommy J we simply use the maximum combination of soy wax and frangrance oil.  There is no such thing as a 'triple scented' soy candle.  Soy wax can only hold a certain percentage of fragrance oil.  


Our secret method of adding frangrance oils at a certain temperature and pouring our candles at a certain temperature, maximises all Tommy J candle's scent throw.  After all, it's all about the candle scent throw.


Please read 'Candle Care' instructions supplied with each Tommy J candle.  Safety first.


All Tommy J candles come gift boxed. 

Melbourne Soy Candle - 48hr+ & 63hr+ burn time

  • Large Size Candle - 48hr+ burn time

    Wax Quantity - Minimum 280 gram

    Wax Type  - Soy

    Extra Large Size Candle - 63hr+ burn time

    Wax Quantity - Minimum  395 gram

    Wax Type - Soy

    Product Description

    Tommy J glassware is premium quality.  All candles come with lids.  Tommy J candles come gift boxed (excluding bundle packs). 


    Please read full candle care instructions supplied with every candle sold.  Never leave a lit candle burning near children or animals.  Never leave a lit candle unattended.  Trim your wicks after each burn.  Always be mindful of the surface you will be placing your candle on to burn.  Heat from a candle could damage furniture tops, benches.  Never  leave a candle near an open window or fan near curtains.

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